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65th Completion

Posted by: DYC Inc. | Posted on: August 28th, 2013

‘Twas a night of joyous occasion. No, not Christmas, but the end of a three year long journey for thirteen young men and women. The 65th completion from Dynamite Youth Center was truly a special night. The gym was packed, members, parents, relatives, significant others, everyone who was able to come, came. The energy given off was unlike any other. “I feel really privileged to have been able to experience that. Just the feeling in the room alone… powerful stuff” says Justin, brother of a current Dynamite member. As well as being the end of a long journey, completions signify the start of a new life for many people; a life never thought possible by most. The completions: Justin B, Joshua F, Fedor Z, Hanna P, Jaclyn M, Jaslyn G, Dante D, Dominique Q, Joseph M, Javier P, Michael G, Aleks L, and Amanda F.

A ton of feelings flood the mind when a person completes a long intense program such as Dynamite. Proud, accomplished, nervous, overwhelmed, just to name a few. After working so hard on themselves for the past three years, having it all come to an end in the matter of two hours is an experience in itself. It’s a wall of responsibility, one of the things most worked on by these completions. Learning how to seek and assume responsibility for their own lives was a hard task to accomplish. These young men and women went from getting high, being homeless, stealing from everyone around them, and burning all their bridges with loved ones, to working full time, furthering their education, gaining all the support and trust back from their family, having tons of sober friends they can rely on, even renting their own apartments; all in three years. An amazing accomplishment worthy of everyone’s recognition.

The goals set and determination to achieve greatness by these completions is unlike that of most young people their age. Jaclyn for example, has already completed culinary school and is looking for a career running a hotel kitchen. She also wants to get her CASAC and wants to work nowhere else but Dynamite, helping young people with the same problems she had. Josh is in the real estate business, along with many other jobs he works, whenever he has free time he finds a way to make use of it. He aims to be certified in plumbing or electric and also wants to find a way in the future to help people like he has been helped. Justin is currently in school for business and financing. His goal is to get his business degree and is open to different areas where he could apply his skills. Most commonly between all the completions is their determination to stay sober, one day at a time, and strive to be a better person tomorrow than they were today. They all agree, none of this would be possible without Dynamite.