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    Dynamic Youth Community!

    We specialize in drug free counseling to rehabilitate drug dependent adolescents/young adults through educational programs, advocacy, community services, and family involvement.


Our Mission

At DYC, we work to help dependent adolescents and young adults create positive change in their lives through comprehensive counseling. We present an effective program model that brings about transformational successes through commitment, motivation and compassion in a participatory, safe, family environment.

“We see every young person entering our rehabilitation program as an individual who needs to be embraced, understood, motivated and armed with life skills for tomorrow. The transformation is limitless from once a commitment is made and the participant is willing to join the process as a teammate and family member.”

William A. Fusco, Executive Director

On the power of the DYC Rehab Model

Our Facilities

DYC Brooklyn

Our DYC Brooklyn Center offers an outpatient program, serving 75 members and their families, in addition to housing for 16 resident-members.

DYC Upstate

Our DYC Residential Facility in Fallsburg, New York serves 86 members and their families.