Group/Individual and Family Services

Services to all our members include group, individual and family counseling and a comprehensive vocational guidance and education program.

Education and Vocational Services

We have three full-time teachers on-site in our residence and one full-time teacher in our outpatient program. Our teachers are provided by Restart Academy District 79, part of the NYC Department of Education Alternative High Schools.

Our education program is an important part of a member’s treatment. Every member who does not have a high school diploma or GED attends school on a daily basis. Remedial reading and math is available as needed, as well as computer training.  A Vocational Specialist provides employment counseling and interview preparation.

Outpatient and residential members are assigned varying house job functions throughout their treatment. Under staff supervision our members join specific teams for the purpose of such tasks as cooking, construction and clerical assignments. Here they learn responsibility and have an ongoing opportunity to practice positive work habits and social skills.

Advocacy Creates Alternatives

DYC does extensive work in court advocacy, giving many young people an alternative to incarceration. We are committed to clearing any obstacles that would stand in the way of a member’s rehabilitation.


Substance abuse affects not only the individual, but the whole family. DYC has participatory programs for parents and other family members. Participation includes attending group meetings every Wednesday evening as well as other types of sessions.

DYC parents are an important part of the success of our organization. They are the core of our base of support, having become friends and members of our Governing Board.

Community Outreach

DYC makes itself available to the community by serving as an information resource providing  substance abuse education and outreach services, participating in neighborhood and public meetings, conducting speaking engagements and providing referral services to anyone in need of treatment.